Catch (up with) me if you can 

A lot of moments have past since I wrote here. Experiences were experienced and friendships bound the way of life. 2 years ago, I left Montreal, with a broken heart and a broken relationship. At this point I was not sure if this was the biggest mistake in my life or the beginning of something special. I left in Morning. It was rainy, windy, and the moods could not have been lower. I hitched 5000 km across wide open spaces. I have seen so much grass most of the people I know could not even imagine. Then I arrived. I worked. But one day, I received a message,my love has not forgotten me yet. Her question: “do you want to come down to San Francisco with me”. I certainly did not take me much time to think about this offer. Next stop, Vancouver then Whistler and finally Bellingham. From there I was save. San Juan Islands, Krabbing, Canoeing with seals, eating lamb-burger, drinking whiskey (and be a good son in law :-), the list could be continued here for a long while. But I stop.
Take back the flight to “home” they call it like that for me, but is it really my home? My relationship with my family has changed. I have grown up. Everything is different. The remaining question: was it a change for the good? To find an answer to this I am asking myself, can one even evaluate his/her own life? I keep think and think, solution although seem to be far ahead of me. 
Back in Europe a time of confusion and not knowing came, working with my dad as I kept thinking I don't want to sell sausages all my life. Visiting my sweet heart every now and then. Christmas, New Years in Berlin, life seems wonderful at those moments. The first light in the tunnel came when I received a letter “vous êtes accepté par Disneyland Paris, Animateur et operateur d'attraction – steam train”. So I went, before I had to apply for uni and yes after 4 month I also received a yes from Fontys. And that is where I am right now. Well actually not, but this shell follow now. 
Seven month I spent so far passed all my tests, and even above my expectations. Another change I have realized, from class clown and I evolved to a very eager student with an 8 average. Three years ago, I failed English with 1 out of 15 points and now I am studying and writing as it was my native language (almost :-P). So to bring myself down to earth again, I like it and it is challenging. Here I am sitting now in Marseille for my clinical affiliation period, ahead of me three weeks of sunshine, blue sky and practicing my skills I have gathered so far. Approve to myself that I can help people to gain back the ability to function in life, on their own and also in society. Maybe (but only maybe) I can change someone's life in my future to a better good as well...

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