2 - ST14 - Bulgaira - Greece (Kavala,Thassos)

5th - Plovdivd - Perperikon
      A very nice 8.000 year old ruin where alexander the great was housing for sometimes
6th - Perperikon - Nedelino
      Somewhere in the mountains a 10.000 people town with nothing to do but getting drunk. So I got invited from one of those guys to crash at his place. Very nice, even though his English was to be improved :-) The Mum spoke spanish though.... :-)
7th Nedelino - Kavala
       Kavala, a very beautiful greek town with a very beautiful old part and very nice sea side. I really loved it, very nice and relaxing. I took the ferry to Thassos the next day
8th Kavala - Thassos  (4.75€)
9th Thassos (somewhere around the island walking            and in the evening of course the germany match)
10th Thassos (sleeping and sunbathing for a total               amount of unknown numbers but I basically left the cove once to get water and food then I returned, I finished my book "The New York trilogy by Paul Auster", very nice book I can recommend it to everyone with a crazy ending.

Last part on the map I will do tomorrow, btw I was walking (and a little bit hitchhiking but it did not work much here). Luckily, I have my longboard with me. I did travel counter clockwise just for your orientation.

Next stage of my journey passed by pretty good after some troubles hitchhiking in the bulgarian mountains. It's hard because very shows you like the symbol for "I am just not going far/I am staying here" which sucks because you need to get from one village to the next. Therefore I waited for 2:30h in Adinelo and then another 1h in some other shit town somewhere on the road. Anyhow I finally made it to Greece and my last ride also took sometime to get but it turned out being very nice as the drivers (three men around their 50s) going and inviting me to go for a swim with them on a very quite beach just 6km from Kavala. This was the perfect place to stay overnight.
Next day I visited the town first end continued further to Thassos where I travelled around, hiked and I am still at right now. Tomorrow the next destination maybe Mt Athos, let's see how far I come. Maybe Thessaloniki...?

11th Thassos - Kavala (4.75€) - Mt Athos / Thessaloniki / ???

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