3 - ST14 - Kavala - Thessaloniki - Athenes

11th - Thassos - Kavala - Thessaloniki
12th - Thessaloniki
13th - Thessaloniki - Athens
14th - Athens
15th - Athens

So starting from last off, I hitched to the ferry boat. Then took it back to Kavala and walked out of the city to hitch to Thessaloniki. I had about 4L of water, which I came to realize that it was not enough. My first ride took about 1h to get and I was lucky to be first step out of the city. I found the perfect hitchhiking spot on the highway to Thessaloniki (which is the 2nd largest city in Greece, so you would think it would be easy to hitch). This however turned out one of my worst days in my life of hitch-hiking (actually later from Thes-Ath was equal but that will follow soon). Anyway I waited for about 4h there until I gave up, no water, no food, heat was striking me down. I walked back where I got picked up by a Greek-American Family which ended up being super nice as they invited me in the house and made me food and also drove me to the airport of Thessaloniki (they had to pick up relatives). As I always say emotions are much greater when you travel, and I was deeply exhausted. I could not hold myself from dropping at least some tears. Honesty is your best friend, right? Anyway, by the time I arrived in Thessaloniki, being so stressed and also depressed about my day passing by so badly so I went to a hostel to sleep.
Next morning, I woke up a little bit bumped out about the prior day. I wondered around in the city. Stopped randomly at random places... As I stopped at some buskers playing, the girl started talking to me and I ended up staying with the guys, drinking some wine, smoking and talking about all random stuff. In fact, all three of the guys were special for their own and had their own stories to tell. I won't go much into detail here but well it was for sure an experience. Well I guess a little detail won't hurt. One was 10 years in jail, the second was 10 years a heroin junkie and number three was 9 years stuck on some psychedelic trip after taking some bad chemically modified drugs. Anyway, it was a very mind-opening encounter.
The following day I had another bad hitchhiking day. Firstly, I thought the Kavala experience was just a one tip really bad time, but well today I was taught differently. I hitched successfully to the pay toll of the highway between Athens and Thessaloniki (well so to state facts clearly Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and Athens which of course is the biggest). It was the perfect spot at the both and in any country like France waiting for more than 20min would have been surprisingly bad. However in this country things work differently. I waited for 6 hours. People did not stop no sign of stopping, no help whatsoever. The only response I got was laughter and some youngsters taking pictures with their smartphone. It was really shit and frustrating.
At the end, I got a ride with a bulgarian guy who was living in Germany. Therefore, I spoke 5 hours of german and it was very nice for both of us, I think ;-). He had to go all the way to Athens and I switched my plans from going to the beach and later to Athens. I decided to skip the sea side and just head to Athens.

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