5 - ST14 - Orikum (AL) - Skopje (MK)

 Here the last days:
23th - Orikum - Dhermi
Very nice ride through the mountains and a terrific beach on the other side
24th - Dhermi - Himare
Himare very touristy but not super nice in my opinion, very big beach but not so chill as other small beaches
25th - Himare - Tirana
 I arrived late after a nice very slow ride with a truck driver and camped out in the city park. Nobody seemed to care about me the next morning.
26th - Tirana
Tirana, a very clean and weird difference to the dirty countryside. People seem to want to pretend a lot more than anywhere else. I get the real wipe of the country just now, with all the Mercedes Benz on the street. Everyone wants to appear good even though they are poor and can hardly effort it. I stay there with a couchsurfer and made some other acquaintance with a US guy who lives here for 5 years. I ended up traveling with him next day.
27th - Tirana - Korce
We headed out together to his old place where he lived. He knew many people there and wanted to say hello. An evening in the local brewhouse (like german Hofbräuhaus!). A very nice experience with everyone speaking only Albanian around me and I could not understand a word of it.
28th - Korce - Ohrid (Macedonia)
The morning we woke up started with MUCH FOOD!
- 1st breakfast: watermelon with Raki (and a coffee before)
- 2nd breakfast: 3 eggs with ham bread and tomato salad. The woman also made us boiled eggs for the road and sandwiches.
- 3rd breakfast: A bowl of rice with a half chicken ( no kidding a half chicken,each!), followed by a half cucumber (don't ask me why but it was there!), accompanied by a cream cake. Not to mention the two glasses of beer!
- 4th breakfast: Luckily we could talk ourselves out of it and just got water.

Then I was released and got back on the road. The first car of course said "First we will have a coffee, then we go further"...Ok...Almost too much hospitality.

After that I found some Albanians who drove me to the border and before that we smoked and chilled for a bit.
I passed the border by foot and had no problem.
Hitched after some chilling at a orthodox church with a dutch HHer I met while walking.

Plaid some basketball with some Macedonians and then found a place to camp the night.
29th - Ohrid
Nice city but too touristy and surprisingly the main language here is Dutch. This is some sort of weird dutch family resort town or something. It's an old UNICEF city and very nice. But far to overcrowded.
30th - Ohrid - Skopje (Hostel)
Of course again, a dutch guy picked me up and drove me all the way to Skopje, where I now stay in a hostel. I have too much dirty laundry and the cs-message I saw too late unfortunately. I mean it's only 10€ for the night and breakfast included....One day rest...It's OK. For tomorrow I have a couch again to crash, that's better for the budget :-)

31th - Skopje (cs, hopefully)
Plans further on Kosovo - Montenegro - Bosnia - Croatia (Split to meet up with Izzy :-)

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