4 - ST14 - Athens - Albania

Here the next step of my trip.
16th - Athens
17th - Athens
18th - Athens - Nafpaktos 
(well I hitched to Patras and then there was a free ferry boat going to Nafpaktos)
Nafpaktos was a very good choice for the night. very beautiful and cute little town with a nice old medieval castle and entire old part on the hill.
19th - Nafpaktos - Ioannina
I did not plan to stay here two nights, but I fell on my longboard in the morning. My destination Albania had to wait therefore until the next day.
20th - Ioannina
Certainly did not regret to stay longer and enjoy the sight of the city as it is a very nice place to hang out. It is funny though how deserted the place is during the day. Only at around 6pm the parks are filling up and everyone comes out of the shade...Otherwise it is too hot.
I luckily found a couchsurfer, THANKS a lot at this point. It was a huge dinner you served me :-D
21th - Ioannina - Gjirokaster
 (I was not even asked one single question at the border, I assume his English was not good enough :-D, just looked at me and gave me the stamp!)
Gjirokaster, my first place in Albania and I did not regret it. Wow, what a different architecture and what a beautiful country with all the mountains. The people were super nice. I left the touristy part and decided to discover the other parts. Children were running around me "How are you?", "What's your name?", "Where are you from?" - everyone of them wanted to practice there English. It was adorable. As I walked around some guys in my age stopped me and became curious about my presence. I staid with them (one of them spoke very good English and did the translation for the rest). After sometime when the night has fallen, I was invited to stay at one of the guy's house.
It was nice the only off-side was, that in the morning I discovered the host (I assume at least) had stolen my sunglasses. I had left them on top of my backpack in the evening and there were not to be found in the mourning... Nobody spoke English from the parents and he had disappeared...strange...?
22th - Gjirokaster - Orikum 
I had one of the worst nights so far. Firstly I asked around and they said a "quiet" spot on the beach would be good...well it turned out to be on a really busy street and very annoying. This not enough, a really bad thunderstorm came up around 2 am and I tried to pitch my tent quickly. However, I gave up the battle after 5 min because the wind was just to freaking strong. I wandered off towards the town, maybe a hotel? Then all the lights turned off and the lightning had created a electricity break down! So my only chance was to sleep at the door step of an Italian restaurant as 5 min later the pouring was beginning....at least I staid try for the night and did not catch the rain.
This means though, that my intended hiking for today will not happen! I was planning to hike up a mountain and then down to the sea (about 40km hike and I planned to head out around 5am...but no sleep and rain....it makes no sense anymore...)

Next destinations
Palase - Dhermi - Himare - Sarande
My only hope is the weather gets better.

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