04/09 - [254] - Phily to D.C.

Auf eine lange Nacht folgt ein kurzer Tag, wie ich doch gewohnt zu sagen gepflegte, aber heute nicht, denn ich musste meinen letzten Tag in Phily genießen. Bei gemütlichen 20° kann man sogar im T-Shirt aus dem Haus.
Out on the street, I actually realized where I am in America. It looked like one of those movies about black people in the States. As I was walking down the street, one guy asked me if I wanted to buy a camera. Shortly after that, I played basketball with 3 black people, of course I sucked . After I came back the weather was still so awesome, I mean it was just 2pm, so I went to the roof with my laptop and sunglasses to chill out. It was such a beautiful and great day that I fell asleep until Justin came to wake me up for the bus ride to Washington D.C. Coyster, my Russian twin, came too. However we barely made it to the bus. If I had booked just yesterday evening I could've saved about 5 dollars or more. However I thought it's not important. I ended up paying 15 bucks which was fine for a 4 hours bus ride with WiFi at last minute.
Here is it, where I met Greg, my new “host”. I mean not really more the provider for my accommodation, I stayed in a hotel. It was just gorgeous. Free breakfast, 24h free coffee, tea and apples. Greg got the room because he is working with an event marketing agency which provides scanners for events around the states. So he travels around to each festival / event where they participate and handles all the stuff for the clients. The company then pays for the accommodation which normally includes a room for more then one person and train/plan tickets. To take advantage of this he invites his friends to stay with him and get an free bed in a rich hotel which no one could afford at least not me. No one realized that we were 5 people staying in one 2 single bed room. Greg and Livi (his girlfriend) shared a bed and Coyster and Justin, I was picked to sleep on my mattress on the floor and I was more then satisfied with this spot.
Our first night here in Washington we followed the Philly warehouse lifestyle and went to a party in “the red door”. A place for alternative people and also a warehouse. There was actually a band from Philly playing but I think this was more on purpose. They apparently heard about the band before but don't really know them, I didn't know them at all. Well I almost forgot and I should mention it, before we went there we went to a supermarket and I got my first beer in the states. I mean I just turned 21 so it's legal;-) at least in their mind. She didn't say happy birthday, a little bit disappointing but I had my Budweiser (is that not a great first experience with alcohol in the US?) I also have to mention: “yes everyone says Budweiser is cheap shit and yes it is right it does taste like crap but well it is cheap though. 3 x 0,7l Beer cans for just $4 is european standard prices for shitty beer, well not really but almost and compared to Montreal it's the beer paradise.
The show wasn't too bad but nothing exciting just be prepared for a hardcore sightseeing day tomorrow. No stop! Let's just explore it tonight and get excited. The main idea was leave Greg and Livi alone in their room for the night so they can have some fun ;-).
At least one of us was nervous. The Russian corner of our trio was super excited about “The Capitol” here it where all the world get directed. It is kind of cool to walk around in this constellation and find the way through the city. It's great because you are not alone but at the same time you don't get bored because you don't know the person for too long and right now after staying with Steph I really enjoy meeting other people. So we did find the white house on the first look it seems to be wrong (which I shell understand later, if someone on TV talks about the “white house” they mean the president but they usually have the “capitol hill” in the background). It is big house and looks pretty impressive from the outside but its not as huge as you are expecting it. Just because you are normally think its an other building.
What I found kind of weird, or maybe weird is an wrong word for this more like bizarre was Coyster's reaction. He was almost crying just because of that building. Well later that night I figured out the same but at this time I just didn't know what to respond and how to express my feelings. He was just impressed how much power in this house is for the whole world and what it means to him sit hear on the sidewalk maybe 20m way from a building where so many important people used to live and Obama currently stays and I do agree, it is an impressive way of thinking. At this time I more thought it's just sightseeing but at the end, it's not. Here it is, where Americas most important people lived which means one or the most important people of the whole world. That's a good way to think about this and not seeing it only as “nice building”or “stuff what you need to see in your life time”, it's because of that what Coyster said why you have to see it and well that's why it was so great to be with them and not just by myself. Maybe I would've just walked through this city “see everything, but not think about it”, this changed my way of thinking about sightseeing a lot.

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