04/10 - [255] - What a beautiful day

After a long night, it was pretty obvious that we won't make it to the breakfast, I actually woke up at 07.00am but I was way to tired and not really up so I fall asleep again. 10.30am finally I got up in the hope to get something even if the breakfast was just until 10. And I did, a bunch of muffins and paistry for me and my friends. Everyone else still slept so well, I had the decision either chill in the hotel room watching Avatar or go and do sightseeing stuff alone but then for the rest of the day because I won't catch them once I leave them. The second decision was ok with me, I thought they would wake up maybe around 12 or 1pm. It ended up being 3pm until we left our room, That is kind of bad because well there are so many museums to see and just so less time to enjoy. Still I've got Coyster and Livi with me.
Our first stop was the National Art Gallery never mind it is for free. It's so great that all of those museums are free here, by that way you don't feel olbigated on staying there and looking through everything which makes it more enjoyable and also faster because you aer just looking and reading whatever you want to.
Through the sculpure garden further to the „National Mall“. The place where the show off begins! Now I actually felt the meaning and also I understood what Coyster meant yesterday night. None of the three of us had any plans, so we just wondered around an activity which was l really missing for a while and it's always fun.
The Lunch was at a small little McDonald's. I didn't really care but if Coyester says he doesn't have money, maybe he should go to McD's but everyone is a little bit lazy and they still want to have warm food. I would not mind eating in a corner store. It's a really different way of enjyoing the city and also kind of relaxing and nice. You are not under the pressure “you must see everything” it's more likely “I want to see this, so I go there”. This is the reason why we just chilled on the grass.
Around the mall to the Smithsonian Memorial to the Capitol we went. None of us could take pictures anymore, we all went out of battery. And what is a tourist without his camera?
Everyone else wanted to just chill in the hotel for the evening, but me willing to take advantage of this city. Coyester followed me so I wasn't even alone. I read the Lincoln Memorial is really nice at night time, I supposed to go there and well “take pictures”. Again you always see this stuff in TV. 'Run forest Run', random story: I met the guy who couchsurfed with me at Patrick's, I don't know his name and we did not talk but still.
Resolution of the day: American love pillars a lot.

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